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 Temporary Ocean Freight Container Surcharge

Over the past year, the United States has seen a problem with ocean freight service being delayed and prices being pushed higher and higher due to a problem with getting containers back to the overseas ports.  This problem has involved countries around the world, so no matter where your goods are coming from outside of the United States, you are probably already seeing issues with delivery and pricing.  The lack of containers overseas has not been the only factor causing problems with delivery.  All of the US ports have seen shortages of manpower to unload the ships.  We have reports of dozens of ships floating off shore waiting to enter the port and have their cargo unloaded.  No doubt the Covid 19 pandemic is partially responsible for this as the labor force shrunk during periods of lockdowns or illness.  This manpower shortage then moves past the seaports and those issues to the truckers who move the goods from the ports into the cities and to your suppliers.  All of these issues have compounded over time to the point where the cost of moving a container of goods from overseas (if you can get one) has tripled in cost and continues to rise.  

Up until now, we have tried to hold our prices as published so that you would also be able to maintain your prices, but the costs of bringing goods into the US from overseas has become too onerous for us to bear completely on our own.  In the hopes that this shipping issue will be temporary, we are not going to raise prices, but rather, we will add a temporary surcharge for some excess ocean freight costs that are being added to every rug we import.  Effective June 1, 2021, we will begin adding a line item to invoices at the rate of 8% of the total of all goods in a shipment to help partially cover the costs of the excess ocean freight charges.   We will continue to monitor the ocean freight situation and will make adjustments as necessary.  As I said, we hope this surcharge will be temporary because the entire global economy is invested in resolving this issue.

We know that this isn't going to be an easy pill to swallow and believe me when I say, this wasn't an easy decision to make.  But be assured, that as soon as we can remove this charge, we will do so.  We will also be monitoring our invoicing so make sure that your freight costs are not going to be overly excessive on any particular shipment.  Our goal is to do what we can to keep your freight costs under 20%.  If we can see that the costs will go higher, we will contact you for approval before shipping.  
Inventory is moving quickly and shipments are arriving late, so we recommend that you use our website to check item by item to see if the items on your order are in stock.  There you can also find an "In Stock Now" list under the Retailer Resources section.  If you have not visited and registered on our website, now is a great time to do that.

If you are new to the Jellybean® website, please click here to register.  This is a Wholesale to the Trade Only site.  

Once you have submitted the simple registration form, we will review your application.  If approved, you will be sent a Welcome letter and you can begin shopping.  Consumers will not be granted access to shop on this site.  You MUST log in with the user id and password that you have created in order to see pricing and place orders.

Please note that normal lead time for shipping “in stock” items is approximately 5 to 7 business days.  When placing your order online, you will find availability status located under the name of the rug and the artist’s name.  If the item is out of stock, you can add it to your order, however, it will not ship until the item becomes available again.

Again…welcome to Jellybeanrug.com.

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